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Hello, everybody. Today I have a chance to tell you all about the new interesting attraction, "Lumpaya/Lampaya floating market (ตลาดน้ำวัดลำพญา)" which is not located in Bangkok. (Then, is it proper for this? cheeky I guess it's alright.) I went there a few months ago, didn't have a change to tell. 

Beginning with the word Lumpaya pronounced as "Lum-Pah-Yah", very easy and straightforward. 



In Nakhon Pathom (Nah-Kawn-Pah-Toam, นครปฐม), stick to the Jeen river (really close to). To be easier. Map provided.


Let's see what's going on....

lumpaya floating market 1 picpop

This place is located in the area of the Lumpaya temple, undoubtedly it's named Lumpaya floating market. You will see the natural atmosphere with trees and fresh air and absolutely crowded people. Most Thai villigers are agriculturists here (But I saw they were merchants. devil, just joking).

Going along the Jeen river you will experience the new thing and a lot of fish (Some people said that fish are not scared of you, they were nibbling people's feet. lol), To people want to avoid the chaos in Bangkok this place will be your choice.

I'd like to say that There are many many people go there, shouldn't miss there. Honestly.

lumpaya floating market 2 picpop

This market is also certified that "the Must-See market (ตลาดต้องชม)".  

lumpaya floating market 3 picpoplumpaya floating market 4 picpop

That day I went there unluckily It was too late to go actually (Yeah I went late.) at around 4 p.m. However, you might not know this market closes at around 4.30 - 5 p.m. Even I went late, but there were people coming continuously. surprise

So you probably see this pic that why people were so few. (Sorry for that.) As in the pic you would probably see selling stuff looks so general, not so different from the other market. But be honest, it's different.

Prices of any products are cheap and quality and delicious.!! You can find Thai food, Thai desserts, Thai ancient food and desserts, drinking around as well as fruits which are so fresh (Anyway beware of that. smiley).


lumpaya floating market 5 picpop

This boat is not for show, but for a ride around the market along the Jeen river you will experience how neighboring villigers are living and see the nature which is not easy to find among the cities.

The adult ticket is valued at 70 THB, for kids 30 THB. (Let's search for currency exchange now. wink)


lumpaya floating market 6 picpop

Another one beautiful natural atmosphere of the Lumpaya floating market. (Can we find such place easily in Bangkok?)


lumpaya floating market 7 picpop

Moreover, this place will serve you this natural experience infinitely, even having meal you will get close to the nature that emphasizes that this place will be unforgettable moment for us.


lumpaya floating market 8 picpop

The last one is the museum that will tell you how native villigers have been living since the past till now, contemporarily and see their history what happened to them and the story of Lumpaya before you see it like the present.


How to get there

Unfortunately, there is no bus going there, only way to go is a Taxi. Please tell them to calculate by the meter, don't get cheated. Also Map is provided above already. Referring to Suvarnablumi Airport to here is around 75-90 kms. (depends on way you go.)


Have fun, new experience, be full of Thai delicious stuff , I'd like to say you shouldn't miss this place. Reviewed by Thai tourists almost 5 stars over 5. What I'm telling you is not all of that, some I surveyed myself and from the other's experience as well. I'm not that real traveller but you're... So go ahead...!