10 Hotels/Hostels around Khaosan Road Bangkok, Thailand

10 Hotels/Hostels around Khaosan Road Bangkok, Thailand - SiamBangkokMap

Khaosan Road is ever famous street that every one shouldn't miss it. There are good and bad things on this area (We won't go through it.) As I've read many blogs and articles about Khaosan Road, the trend is going up (Bad stuff included smiley.). So don't be negative, anything can happen anywhere. It depends on your care about your journey. So let's get started for a brief about Khaosan Road.

Khaosan is kind of like street where many Thai sellers are selling goods such as something to eat, drinking, shopping, services. Many stuff in cheap prices. (Very interesting). Even though Thai sellers will get this advantage of you're foreigners, then increasing prices a bit, but still remaining cheaper. Moreoever, there are parties at night every night to whom want to enjoy these parties with many friends from all over the world, you should go there plus they are free. (I mean they are not from Thai tours at most.). and the atmosphere here is very familiar to many contries, Let's say it's international feeling. laugh 

Every hotel or hostel I will provide the Google Map because I don't want you to get lost and tricked by any drivers.

Okay Let's begin the first hotels and hostels which are close to Khaosan Road or inthere. 


1.Khaosan Palace Hotel

Khaosan Palace picpop


Address: 139 Khao San Road Phra Nakorn 10200 Bangkok Thailand

Call: +6622820578

The 3 and half star hotel, Khaosan Palace Hotel is located in a good location which is Khaosan Road, the overall of reviews are remaining good 7/10 from Agoda reviews (very good.). The most positive reviews are about good location (and beautiful picturesmiley just kidding). Some of visitors said it was good because of good location, services, breakfast. And some said it was too noisy, let me guess it's kind of like the remaining party from Khaosan Road and still held up inthere. So it comes to the negative reviews. There are reasons like bad services from servants. (Strange right? As a result of someone said it was good, the other one said it was bad.) So it's based on your luck now. I hope you won't experience it. 

I look pretty negative on this place, but chose it because the overall remains good to choose, and for me this hotel is beautiful.

Google Map here:


2.Khaosan Park Resort

Khaosan Park Resort picpop


Address: 202 Khaosan Road, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Call: +66925806600

The chosen one, the 3-star hotel, Khaosan Park Hotel. It's a good one too, based on more over 800 reviews from Agoda. It's in the up trend. And the problems remain the same here in Khaosan road. Noisy ever place frown. Yeah well-know noisy place, hard to fix it. And more problem is still service-minded staffs there. (This is another problem which is so so hard to fix, uncontrollable.) So let's experience then and the world what's going on there!

Anyway the overall here is still good enough, if compared with the other hostels around. wink

Google Map here:


3.Buddy Lodge Hotel

Buddy Lodge Hotel picpop

Address: 265 Khaosan Road, Taladyod, Bangkok, Pranakorn, 10200

Call: +6626294477

It's kind of like brand. Buddy. is a sign of quality, because Buddy has many hotels in their contracts and businesses. So I'm the one who is pretty addicted with brand products cheeky(for something). Anyway, it's not always right. Considered from the review of 7.5 marks (very wonderful).

And Google Map here:


4.Sakul House Hotel

Sakul House picpop

Address: 108/17 Soi Rambuttri, Banglumpoo, Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Call: +6622816626

As I've read some of reviews, this one I recommend smiley.

Google Map here:


5.Dang Derm Hotel

Dang Derm picpop

Address: 1 Khaosan Rd., Phranakorn, Bangkok, 10200 Thailand

Call: +6626292046

The shape of the building looks like Arab style. It's one of Khaosanby projects. So Khaosanby's quality and it remains good reviews such as good location, cleanness, not too much noisy. Very good one. wink

Google Map here:

6.Sleep Withinn Hotel

Sleep Withinn picpop

Address: 76 Rambuttri Road, Phra Nakorn 10200

Call: +6622803070

Google Map here:


7.Dewan Bangkok Hotel

Dewan Bangkok picpop


Address: 110 Tanee Road Kwang.Talard Yod Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Call: +6626294610

Google Map here:

8.Baan Chart Hotel

Baan Chart picpop

Address: 98 Chakrapong Road, Taladyod, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200

Call: +6626290113

Google Map here:


9.NapPark Hostel

NapPark picpop

Address: 5 Tani Rd., Taladyod Phranakorn

Call: +6626291186

Let me say something, this is the 2-star hostel, but remaining very good reviews around 8 out of ten. Why they got that?. As a result of their services explicitly. So don't miss there plus it's so cheap!!. (Where could you find good and cheap in the world? now it's right here.!)

Google Map here:


10.Suneta Hostel Khaosan

Suneta Hostel picpop

Address: 209-211 Kraisi Road, Phranakorn Bangkok, 10200 Thailand

Call: +6626290150

The last one, I really like it so much, See the design and style, they are like Thai old and ancient style. See those wooden stripes, so beautiful. And it implies this 2-star hostel to be the Thai style location so well. laugh

Google Map here:


Consequently, if you want to rest around Khaosan road, there is one important thing you got to accept. It's noisy. Every hotel/hostel experiences this problem. So, admittedly to who likes the parties at night every night, here welcome you all. smiley And another problem I've found it is service from mind. Yes, mind service from servants which are sometimes hard to get it from them. Let's say this problem probably happens everywhere, but not always to everyone. It's hard to fix this issue. you know humans' moods. So shamed. (Sorry for that.)

Therefore,  Let's find yours, If you want any help about travelling in Thailand, you can contact me If I can help I will.