10 Hotels/Hostels around Siam Square Bangkok, Thailand

10 Hotels/Hostels around Siam Square Bangkok, Thailand - SiamBangkokMap

Before we move on to the 10 hotels and hostels around Siam Square, let's know about Siam Square first.

Siam Square is known as "Siam (Sah - Yahm or สยาม)", That's right we can call it for short as "Siam" If you come in Bangkok, you can tell a taxidriver to go Siam, they will reach you there immediately (Please watch out for those taxidrivers too smiley).

Siam Square is the center of shopping, something interesting like special events mostly held there. Also this place is going to be intentionally built in a hi-technology utility in the near future. If you are lucky you will see Thai stars there. They like to record the film or drama there. Because of well-known place as well as there are many Thai teenagers there too. If you're old then you're strange. (Just kidding na, but true If go there you will see most of them are young.)

What I'm going to tell you, it's kind of secret, the other people of foreigners mightn't know this, you'll know this place as only shopping area, yeah because this place is so famous and popular. 

The secret is this place can make you be a star, Why? Let's notice why young teenagers they are wearing beautifully. Some of them come here to be stars, they hope that there would be someone to observe them and catch them to be stars. 

lol This is not sort of bad, I think this is interesting to present you all. 

To whom want to to go there I have a map from Google to serve you. laugh

Every hotel or hostel I will provide the Google Map because I don't want you to get lost and tricked by any drivers.

Okay Let's begin the first hotels and hostels which are close to Siam Square. 


1.Novotel Bangkok On Siam Square Hotel

Novotel Bangkok picpop

Address: 392/44 Siam Square Soi 6, Rama I Road, Pathumwan.

Call: +6622098888

I'll teach you how to read Pathumwan I don't know who established this word, but every foreighner will pronounce wrong and make Thai people misunderstanding, So it's read "Pah-Toom-One or ปทุมวัน".

Google Map here:


2.Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

Hua Chang Heritage Hotel picpop

Hua Chang (Hu-wah-Chahng or หัวช้าง) Let me translate for you in English, it's a Head of an Elephant. but you don't tell Thai people that lol. It can confuse them.

This hotel is a bit far (if you walk.) from Siam Square around 600 meters. You can go out from Siam by Siam alley 7 onto Phayathai (Pah-Yah-Tai) Road, then cross the Pathumwan (Pah-Toom-Wahn) junction. Keep walking a bit you will pass Kasem San 1 Alley, Got it!! The hotel is right beside this alley. (Actually it's so close, but I'm explaining too long) laugh

Address: 400 Phayathai Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6622170777

Google Map here:


3.A One Inn

A One Inn picpop

A One Inn with 3-floor building in Kasem San Alley, You will experience the atmosphere of apartment, hostel style. You can chill out with friends, to whom come to Thailand and want to save your budget, I mean this budget hostel can make you have more money left to enjoy the rest of you plan in Bangkok. wink

This Inn is in Kasem San 1 Alley. (You read "Kah-same-Sahn", not "Kah-same-Sand", alright?), Plus Soi is kind of like "Alley", but Soi (ซอย) is a Thai word.

Address: 25/13-15 Soi Kasamsunt 1, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok 10330

Call: +6622153029

And Google Map here:


4.Muangphol Mansion

Muangphol picpop

This place is kind of strange in pronunciation and confuse you and Thai people, because that's not correct, So the correct one is "Mur-erg Poan Mansion or เมืองพล แมนชั่น". wink Hope this help when you want to tell Thai guys about it.

Address: 931/9 Rama 1 Rd. Patumwan Wang Mai, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6622194445

Google Map here:


5.Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Siam Kempinski picpop

This 5-star hotel is kind of shocking me, not just 5 stars, but reviewed as Exceptional 9.1/10 from Agoda reviewers. Nothing much to say about their service and quality of this hotel.

I like the swimming pool here so much, very very large and make me feel pleasant to play with wide and large area. And it's built in very well-planning.

And prices for a night....... I let you search by yourself. devil

Address: Rama 1 Road 991/9, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6621629000

Google Map here:


6.LiT Bangkok Hotel

LiT picpop

This one is the 5-star hotel as well. For me this hotel is more reasonable than previous one in prices. If we talk about just stars, yeah it's the same 5-star. This hotel has less area then previous one, however there are some unique in this hotel which is the shape of the building. To whom want to see something new or strange to your eyes you'd like to go here. LiT Bangkok Hotel.

I recommend you for this place. wink

Address: 36/1 Kasem San 1 Alley, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6626123456

Google Map here:


7.LiT Bangkok Residence

LiT picpop


What!? LiT again? This place is kind of confusing, they just used the different names but same location. It's probably 2 kinds of hotels in one I guess.

Based on the reviews LiT is well-done, many visitors have been satisfied with it. so like I said I recommend it. wink

Address: 36/1 Kasem San 1 Alley, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6626123456

Google Map above; It's the same location as LiT Bangkok Hotel


8.Lub d Bangkok Siam Square Hostel

Lub d picpop

Lub d (หลับดี) this name has very good meaning. That means "Sleep well". And Easy to remember and recognize it with Lub d. 

Let's see this hostel with 3 stars, not that easy to find the 3-star hostel in Bangkok. (Mostly 2) This hostel likes to make events, celebrations, something special which few hostels will do. Until this place has opportunity to be on TV programs many times. (I've seen it laugh). 

Let's go there to prove it if it's Lub d or not.

Address: 925/9 Rama 1 Rd. Wangmai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6626124999

Google Map here:


9.Wendy House

Wendy picpop

Wendy House they call themselves as a house, this is a guest house and it will give you all warmth (according to their concept of a house). 

Address: 36/2 Soi Kasemsan 1, Rama 1 Road,, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6622141149

Google Map here:


10.Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel

Mercure picpop

The building is so tall, please take a look a it, and it's so so close to MBK center. (or the image lies to us. cheeky)  If you want to find some good hotels which are close to shopping centers such as MBK center, Siam Discovey, Siam Paragon, and so on. This is probably your choice with this 4-star hotel,

Address: 927 Rama 1 Road Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Call: +6626592888

Google Map here:


So, choose the hotel or hostel which suits you, some of tourists come to enjoy the deluxe of hotels, some come to do business, and some come to journey in Bangkok, Thailand. Whatever reason let's find the best place for you to fit your budget, your passion, what you want to do. Like I said some tourists come to Bangkok, Thailand they mightn't want to stay the luxury hotels to waste their money, but they want to spend on their journey. So different, right?

Anyway, I've persuaded you too much lol. Let's find yours, If you want any help about travelling in Thailand, you can contact me If I can help I will.